The Presidential Update

June 24, 2020

Presidential Upgrades

The President can now set a passive income tax. This tax goes to the President every time he gets paid through passive income. This feature is a stepping stone to the Heist update. Enjoy it while you can Mr. President! Additionally The President can now change the laws to anything he wants.


  • New Skill for the President, called "Manage Government". Allows access to the Tax and Law menu.
  • Implemented a profanity filter for the Presidential Laws feature.


Presidential Guard

The Presidential Guard is just that! A Presidential Guard. He has access to elite items like the Guard Rifle and the Guard Vehicle. These guys are made to be fought!


Guard Rifle

A new assault rifle like weapon. Delivers 12 deadly shots. Available in The Tower for Presidential Guards and from the Arms Dealer marketplace.


Guard Vehicle

A new heavy duty Guard vehicle. The biggest vehicle in the game by far. Back can be opened and lots of Guards can be squeezed inside. Great for Raids. alt


  • A droppable radio that plays your favorite hits. Press E to switch to the next song. Hold E to pickup.
  • Music composed by our local Janis Grikis!



  • Paint now randomly spawns around the map, comes in various colors and shades. Ranging from Gold to even Matte Pink! These items are extremely rare. Walk up to your own car with the Paint item equipped and paint away!

alt alt alt

Vehicle Head rotation.

  • Players in vehicles can now look at things, or bob their heads to the sweet radio tunes.


Benchmark Mode

  • The game has a benchmark that can be accessed from Options > Gameplay > Run Benchmark. Displays results at the end and outputs a .json file to the games config directory.


Glass Shader

  • With proper reflections and detailing.


New Area

  • A new industrial area, unfortunately at the time of writing the area is not ready to be explored. You can however drive to the entrance.


Cloth Shader

  • Player clothes now have their own stylish shader that tries to artisticly mimic velvet in a cartoon-y fashion.


Server Game Log, includes combat log.

  • Server admins can rejoice in the addition of a game log. Prints out notable game events to the log.

  • New moderator command: /tphere <player*id>

  • Added UI to state vehicle functions like sirens and backdoors.

Replaced all old brick walls with new models.


  • Added more Gangster clothing variations.

  • Plants/Trees are now visually blown by the wind.

  • The server name is now displayed in the pause menu.


  • Moderators can access camera mode (F8)

  • Moderators can now use the teleport commands.

  • Roads models and materials changed to use a new shiny asphalt shader.

  • Unfortunately the Garage door no longer flings your vehicle into space.

  • Adjusted internal networking logic to prevent strange behaviour.

  • Fixed being able to shoot through certain windows.

  • Adjusted Vehicle wheel sizes.

  • Apartments doors are now properly sized to accommodate player width.

  • Fixed vehicles being blocked by seemingly invisible objects on spawn.

  • All weapons nerfed.

  • Reduced planted Car Bomb beep sound volume.

  • Increased vehicle explosion strength.

  • Replaced Simple Road building materials.

  • Reworked elevator insides meshes.

  • New Vegas loading screen.

  • Optimized item network bandwidth usage.

  • Replaced flatscreen TV with chunky TV.

  • Dozens of other tweaks and fixes that can be discovered by playing the game.

  • Adjusted interior lighting colors.


  • Fixed vehicles being flung into the air when driving up the Desert Road.

  • Fixed random crash when leaving/exiting the game.

  • Fixed Driver mouth position.

  • Patched up several locations that could be used to escape the map.

  • Fixed randomly teleporting far away when exiting vehicle.

  • Fixed icons not showing up in dynamic radial menus (Item Showcase, Safe)

  • Fixed High End Apartment door showing wrong floor.