The Warrant Paper Update

May 20, 2020


New Police Item: Warrant Paper

Buy Warrant Paper at the Police Station, walk up to some estate and write a warrant. Now deliver the warrant to either the Police Chief or the President. Drop the Warrant Paper near either one and let them sign -- it's not cheap! alt Grants 3 minute access to property, building excluded. Warrant Paper makes audible sound when created and equipped.

New Neutral, Gangster specific mechanic: Death Spawns.

Players will always spawn a significant distance away from their death locations.

  • New Job specific become sounds for the President, Arms Dealer, Vehicle Salesman, and Gangsters.
  • Admins and moderators will always see the player name plates and their corresponding player id.
  • The Dedicated Server now logs player chat and impactful comand usage.
  • New money printer sounds.
  • New Bank Machine sounds.

New admin only commands:

  • /tp <player-id> - Teleport to player.
  • /addmod <player-id> - Add player to moderators by PlayerID.
  • /delmod <player-id> - Remove player from moderators by PlayerID.
  • /steamaddmod <steam-id64> - Add player to moderators by SteamId64.
  • /steamdelmod <steam-id64> - Remove player from moderators by SteamId64.

New permission level: Moderator

  • Moderators can see anyones ID in-game and have access to the following commands:
  • /ban <player-id> - Bans player.
  • /kick <player-id> - Kicks player.
  • /unban <steam-id64> - Unban player by SteamId64.

New admin-only camera mode.

How do you take beautiful screenshots in BadLads? Simple, be an admin and press F8 (MenuDebug)!

  • Inventory (TAB) key toggles HUD visibility.
  • SlotBackward/SlotForward (SCROLL WHEEL) will zoom the camera.
  • Primary Fire (MOUSE1) teleports you some distance.
  • Keys 1-9 save a camera spot to the pressed key. Pressing a saved key will teleport you to the spot -- double tapping said key will remove the spot.
  • Controller supported.


  • First time players will receive an invulnerability period of 1m30s on initial spawn. Note: Player invulnerability is planned to receive a visual indicator later.
  • Property selling price now scales based on how long you've owned said property. Meaning you can't sell and rebuy property to avoid paying rent.
  • The Driver job now ejects all passengers when he enters the vehicle.
  • Invulnerable players cannot deal damage.
  • Changed the way hat color is generated.
  • Reduced server log spam.


  • Fixed timed actions indicator ending 3-5 seconds early.