The Whaling Gambler Update

June 24, 2020


Crouching is now a thing! You can crouch by holding down CTRL (by default). alt

Crouching is seamless -- works with every item. alt


Item Gate

A new buildable called the "Item Gate" has been added. It emits an audible sound and lights up when a player walks through the gate. alt

This buildable is fully lockpickable and can store whatever you put in it's singular slot. alt

How do you specify which item the Item Gate should check for? Simple, just open up the gate and insert the item you'd like to check for. If no item is inserted, no checks will be made. alt

Lucky Spin

The games first gambling buildable, called "Lucky Spin". alt

How does it work? Simple enough, look at the color you want to bet on and press E! alt

The spin starts in a few seconds after the first bet is made. You can audibly hear when a spin is about start, and you'll know if anyone has won or lost in the end. alt

So how do I win it big with the Lucky Spin? Simple, you don't play! The person who earns the most is the owner of the establishment. You see Lucky Spin always takes a cut and stores it. Careful, lockpicks work on this buildable. alt

Sandbag Cover

Introducing Sandbag Covers, a new droppable item. Ever in a pinch and need some quick cover to regain your breath? Just drop down this bag of sand. alt

Provides quick and easy cover. Disappears in a couple minutes after placement and is single use. Hold E on it to destroy it. alt

  • Inspired from suggestion made by Metta in the #ideas channel on @PlayBadLads Discord.

Vehicle Lights

Vehicle Lights have been brightened. alt


New Island + New Shops

alt alt

- New command /bansteamid steamid (Bans player by SteamId, even if they've never played before.)

- New random death spawns around the city.

- New Guard Sandbag locker in The Tower


  • Presidential Guards can now build inside The Tower and the Police Station.
  • Guards/Police/Paramedics no longer keep items on death.
  • Elevators are now snappier and don't wait too long on floors.
  • Vehicle exit logic changed to be snappier and prevent desyncs.
  • Replaced park between Apartments with a shop.
  • Network bandwidth limits increased.
  • Removed old Bank Machine models.
  • Voice Chat distance reduced.
  • Expanded profanity filter.
  • Reduced Lockpicking volume
  • Tax is no longer collected if there is no President.
  • Increased droppable item network draw distance. Most visible in random environmental drops.
  • Optimized network bandwidth by implementing a delta serialization on certain network variables.
  • The map loading image is now loaded asynchronously.
  • Added roll (F and H keys by default) to camera mode.


  • Fixed camera mode spots not saving rotation properly.
  • Fixed Stool buildable not appearing in Build Tool.
  • Fixed Fireplace buildable using wrong collision size, causing it clip.
  • Fixed Apartment corner invisible collision block.
  • Fixed road 3 way split mesh alignment.
  • Fixed Police statues not having any collision.
  • Fixed Guard texture messing up on certain procedural player seeds.
  • Fixed edge case that caused Vehicle to become unflippable.
  • Fixed Vehicle key order changing vehicle access state.
  • Fixed Elevators randomly getting permanently stuck - About time.