The Garbage Update

April 29, 2020


New environment entity: Garbage - items can be thrown in for disposal. Government Jobs have a new skill called "Scales with Economy". Revised and improved main menu music by composer Janis Grikis. New elevator music, now starts at random intervals.


Adjusted economic model speed. Will reflect new/destroyed money printers much faster. Changed elevator movement code to be more authoritive on the server side to prevent client-side desyncs. Changed max buildable multiplier to 1.5 instead of 1. Meaning you can build 50% more! Government wages only scale upwards, and cannot fall below their default wage cap. Car Bombs now deal more damage, quickly exiting the vehicle to avoid death will no longer work. Money printers are now affected by the economy. Nerfed safe health.


Fixed passenger replication viewer, the server would ignore the passenger positions in the vehicles and fail to replicate surrounding buildings and players. Fixed clipping near apartment elevator stairs. Bug report credit goes out to Parzival. Fixed edge case that caused character mesh to not be hidden when in vehicle. Fixed Medical Kit and Taser not playing thirdperson use animation. Fixed Taser sparks not despawning. Fixed randomly getting stuck after exiting vehicle. Added safety clipping near the tunnel. Fixed clipping under the bridges.