The Tweakening Update

May 16, 2020


  • New water and underwater effects.
  • New Bloom graphics switch.
  • New cosmetic masks, 3 to be exact.
  • New vehicle glass shader.
  • New vehicle wheel configurations, raised vehicle suspensions.


  • Vehicle Salesman and Arms Dealer don't need to unlocked anymore, however now they have mandatory become price.
  • Lockpicks get removed after a single successful lockpick, making them single use.
  • Lockpicked doors stay unlocked for a minimum of 15 seconds after a successful pick.
  • Facing players make their voices louder, and vice versa.
  • Adjusted player collision capsule size.
  • Adjusted elevator logic.
  • Adjusted vehicle steering.


  • Fixed printers falling through buildables.
  • Fixed Lease Spam caused by keys in a players bank.
  • Fixed last ammo-based weapon shot not-registering.
  • Fixed money printers scaling incorrectly with the economy.
  • Adjusted vehicle exit logic to counter getting stuck bug.
  • Fixed replication distance being too short, causing noticeable player and vehicle pop-in.
  • Fixed money printers desyncing between client and server, making them seemingly invulnerable.
  • Fixed building. The cause was a internal networking issue with how the game handles scaling relevant information to nearby players.

A new item called "Warrant Paper" didn't make it into this weeks update, fortunately the item is almost feature complete -- and most likely will be added in the coming days.