The Virtual Economy Update

April 24, 2020

Introducing the Virtual Economy! Get your Inflation and financial crises here!

  • Added new simulated virtual economy. Summary: More printers, less passive income. Less printers, more passive income. The Government faction subsidies these costs for Jobs and Government based items, meaning Police and Paramedic items will become cheaper if the economy isn't in a good state.
  • Added new billboard near bank showing current currency value.
  • Added new cinematic camera, admin only. Press F8 to activate.
  • Visual changes to a few character models.
  • Fixed max health not being set properly on living things. Meaning vehicles and safes are much more durable.
  • Fixed alarm being stuck bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused demotion times being crazy long.
  • Added proper collision representations to fire escapes.
  • Fixed localization issues.